Why YardSmartMarin?

YardSmartMarin is a collaborative, community-driven project in Marin County to raise awareness among Marin residents about alternatives to the use of toxic chemicals – around people’s homes and yards - and to reduce the overall use of pesticides.

Our purpose is to communicate to the general public about the use and misuse of toxic chemicals on private property and ornamental landscapes and educate Marin residents about pesticide alternatives in their yards, gardens and homes. We hope this educational effort will lead to behavior changes that ultimately reduce the volume of toxic chemicals in the natural environment and in our neighborhoods.

Interested in how YardSmartMarin got started? Check out our back story here.

Is there someone who can present this information to my homeowners’ association, school, or community group?

Yes! Let us know if your group is interested in a presentation by emailing info@yardsmartmarin.org and we will try to accommodate your request.

Who is paying for this campaign?

The Marin County Board of Supervisors, responding to the community’s expressed interest and recognizing the environmental and public health benefits of dramatically reducing the use of toxins in the landscaped environment, committed $100,000 in funding for a two-year public education and outreach campaign. The San Francisco Estuary Partnership, as part of the EPA-funded SF Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund grant program, provided an additional $90,040 contract for campaign development support.

Are you coordinating with other Marin environmental organizations?

Yes, our action teams and outreach efforts include support by a broad coalition of the Marin community, and include members of the public who represent specific sectors and perspectives: native plant experts, retail and professional pest control operators, environmental experts, IPM experts, public health and animal health experts, master gardeners, and youth representation.

How can I help?

You’ve already started by visiting this website. Follow us on Facebook and volunteer with our grassroots community action teams. You can learn more about pesticide alternatives and the grassroots outreach efforts of our action teams. Please Contact Us with questions or ideas.

Partner / Support Organizations

YardSmartMarin will be present at the following events. We look forward to seeing you.

September 30: San Anselmo Country Day and Fair