Think Before You Spray

Weed Problem? Stop. Think. Protect.

Marin residents understand that spraying toxic chemicals on the weeds in our yards is a quick fix but not the best long-term solution. By using alternative weeding techniques, we can remove a source of unhealthy chemicals throughout the County.

A bit about weeds

A “weed” is usually just a plant growing where you don’t want it, and isn’t just dandelions and crabgrass, but things like tomato seedlings popping up in a flower bed. Knowing what kind of plant you’re dealing with can help you manage weeds more effectively.

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What are some other methods to control weeds?

Weed by hand! Try a trowel! Prevent them from getting started! Here are some links that give non-toxic ways to make your garden glow.

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Stop the Invaders

Managing all weeds is a challenge; invasive plants are more persistent and problematic than others. 

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Weeds Gallery

Identify weeds and find out how to treat them:

Bermuda Grass
Field Bindweed


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