After the Wet Weather

The incredibly wet winter behind us, though you may now be dealing with some of its impacts. Time to get ahead of the curve with preventing pest problems:

  • Bountiful weeds – It’s much easier to pull weeds and remove unwanted plants from your garden or landscape while the soil is moist. Look for winter’s annual weeds, like oxalis, nutsedge, and groundsel and get them out before they spread.  More tips on managing weeds.
  • Gangs of snails and slugs – These critters thrive in moist environments, leaving their telltale slimy trail behind. Look for irregular holes on leaves and flowers.  Hand pick them or trap them using a wooden board trap. Here’s more info for managing these pests
  • Early mosquito breeding – As the weather warms, any areas left with standing water will be a breeding zone for mosquitoes. Dump flowerpots and saucers, wheelbarrows or buckets, and cleaning clogged storm drains or gutters.
  • Mushrooms – Wet weather encourages the growth of above ground fruiting bodies of fungi. While not harmful to your garden or lawn, you may want to remove mushrooms to prevent children and pets from consuming them.

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