Outsmart those Smart Rats!

It’s cold and wet out there, and just as we want to stay dry and cozy indoors, so do rats! When temperatures get low and food gets scarce, rats need to find a way to stay warm and survive the winter.  They are excellent at digging. They’ll look for a structure like a rock, wall, or fence, and dig a burrow beneath or against it. But they don’t spend all their time in their burrows. They venture out to seek food or better shelter – and they’ll likely prefer to use your house rather than burrowing. If they can find a way into your house, they’ll use it every time.

Rats don’t hibernate in winter, they just slow down if they’re living outdoors.  But, if they’re in your house, they’ll remain active. These are very intelligent animals, and it’s why managing them can be a challenge. 

Trapping is an effective method to manage rats. Join us for our free webinar, The Best Ways to Manage Rats, February 15, 2022, to learn more about the many types of available traps, and when and how to use them.  We’ll also look at trap placement, numbers of traps and types of bait to use, and more professional tips for successfully managing these smart pests without pesticides. Click here to register

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