An Easy New Tool to Help ID Animal Pests

Have something creating holes in your garden soil, or eating your oranges? But don’t see any obvious pests? The new tool from the University of California, Wildlife Pest Identification Tool, may help you find an answer.  This online tool will help you narrow down potential vertebrate pests using signs of the critter.  Using a photo

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Know What’s Lurking under the Sink?

Many people associate pesticides with those things you see at the nursery or big box stores in the gardening isle like weed killer, insecticides, and mouse traps.  But there are MANY items in your home that are pesticides that you might use daily without even thinking about it.  Some examples: According to the U.S. Environmental

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Protect Nature’s Clean-up crew! 

Vultures get a bad rap. Generally thought of as ugly scavengers, vultures are easy to dismiss.  Even naturalist Charles Darwin described them as ‘disgusting’. But when you look more closely, you’ll realize the world is better off with vultures. Although these enormous birds display some odd behaviors, they play a crucial role in the environments

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Can Rat Poison Hurt Kids and Pets?          

You bet!  Rat poisons or rodenticides are pesticides designed to kill rodents, like mice and rats.  They are formulated as baits that include tasty ingredients like peanut butter, molasses, and grains to attract animals. These ingredients can be also attractive to children and pets. Rodenticide baits are not only poisonous for rodents, but they can

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