What’s in that pesticide?

You probably use pesticides every day without hesitation – household bleach, vinegar, dish washing soap and baking soda are common household items that can be effective pesticides when used appropriately. The key is to know the pest you’re dealing with, what you’re using to manage it and then, using it correctly.

The term pesticide is any material used to control, prevent, kill, suppress or repel pests. There are many types, each focused on the group of pests they are designed to control. If you choose to use a pesticide, read the label!  The pesticide label is the information printed on, attached to, or provided with the pesticide container; it is a legal document that provides directions on how to mix, apply, store, and dispose of pesticide products.  In addition to the trade or brand name and active ingredients, you’ll find information on the types of plants or sites where the pesticide can be used, targeted pests, how much to use, how and when to apply, potential hazards to people, animals or the environment, emergency and first aid measures and the proper methods of storage and disposal. 

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