What’s that skittering across the kitchen floor?

For most of us, cockroaches are high in the yuk factor; even worse is seeing one running across the kitchen floor.  These are pests of both indoor and outdoor environments that provide food, water, and shelter. During the day, roaches hide in dark, moist areas like cracks, water meter boxes, sewers, and crawl spaces. They come out at night to feed. Good sanitation and exclusion are important for effective prevention.

Before taking any action, it’s important to know which species of cockroach you have; this cockroach identification guide may be useful.  While they don’t generally bite people, cockroaches shed, and their waste products can get into the air you breathe.  Watch Why do I have cockroaches in my home? to learn more about preventing these pests from getting into your house.  If you already have them, here’s information on how to manage them

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