Got ants?

Ants on your artichoke plant? Your plum tree or leafy vegetables?  They’re a prime indicator that sucking insects are feasting on your plants.  There’s a group of soft-bodied insects — aphids, mealybugs, soft scale and whiteflies being the most common, that feed by sucking juices from plants. The direct damage they inflict on the plant …

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What’s bugging your fruit trees?

Seeing leaves on your fruit trees rolled up like a sandwich wrap?  Could be leafrollers, a family of insects that attack the leaves of fruit trees like apples, pears, and peaches. They also target some ornamental trees like ash, poplar, and oak.  Leafroller larvae feed on tender, new leaves, giving them a ragged appearance; they …

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Keep those pesky mosquitoes away

It may seem early in the season for mosquitos, but one of the wettest years in history has left standing water across the area, creating perfect conditions for these pesky insects to develop. Stagnant water creates havens for disease-spreading mosquitoes, and mosquito experts are concerned this could be a long and intense mosquito season. These …

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