Garden Clean Up

With the cooler weather, gardening tasks may be slowing down some, but there are still plenty of things to do in the garden and landscape in the fall and winter months. Here are a few things to think about as you head into the next planting season. Follow the list to reduce future pest problems and have healthier plants.

  • Pull out annual plants that have reached the end of their growing season, such as tomatoes, squashes, and peppers.
  • Remove and clean up old fruit and nuts in and under trees to avoid harboring pests and diseases.
  • Remove fallen leaves from beneath deciduous fruit trees and roses.
  • After cleaning up, add leaves dropped during fall to a compost pile. Turn and keep the compost pile moist.
  • Apply organic mulch where thin or soil is bare beneath trees and shrubs. Click here for more information about mulching.
  • Also monitor for damage and pests such as brown rot, leafminer, root rots, and snails on citrus trees.
  • Practice weed management for annual cool-season weeds. It’s also not too early to consider management for weeds that emerge in springtime.

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