It’s National Strawberry Month!

May is National Strawberry Month.  Fresh strawberries are one of the most popular and refreshing treats anywhere. Healthy too! And perfect for everything from cheesecake to mojitos to jam. Grown in all fifty states, their peak season lasts from April through June.  

Just like growing your own tomatoes, there’s nothing quite like having your own berry patch and plucking plump, sun-warmed strawberries for a snack.  Here’s info on growing your very own delicious strawberries, along with advice for preparing planting beds

Lots of bugs and other creatures love strawberries just like we do.  This time of year, the most common are aphids, that you can hose off, leaf-rolling caterpillars – pick off and dispose of, and night crawling slugs and snails. Pick these guys off in early morning and dispose.  You can also use copper foil around the perimeter of bed to keep them out. 

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