It’s Rodent Awareness Week

You may not think about rats, mice, or gophers until they become a problem around your home. As these rodents can be major pests in and around homes, gardens, landscapes, restaurants, and other buildings, each year pest control experts “celebrate” Rodent Awareness Week. Rodent Awareness Week (October 16-22) is an annual campaign created by the National Pest Management Association to educate the public about the potential harm associated with rats and mice. In addition to damaging structures and property, rodents can transmit diseases to humans and other animals. During the fall and winter months, rodents will seek food and shelter in homes and other buildings

Some general tips for keeping rodent pests out, include:

  • Seal structural cracks and openings larger than 1/4 inch. Utilize weather stripping or door sweeps, and ensure doors and windows fit tightly. Wire screen can also be used.
  • Keep food storage and garbage containers sealed.
  • Remove or thin vegetation around structures. Rodents, especially house mice, will use climbing vegetation to scale buildings.
  • Don’t touch rodents with your bare hands. Dispose of dead rodents by placing them in plastic bags and putting them in the garbage.
  • Avoid poison baits as the rodents can die in hidden places and they can be harmful to children and wildlife.

Watch this video or visit our Rodents page to learn more about managing rats and mice

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