Prevention is the best Way to Manage Weeds

Do you have a “let them be” approach to managing weeds?  Why remove them when they’ll eventually die back?  Time to reconsider.  Some weeds are aggressive and invasive; tops may die down, but roots remain alive until conditions are right for them to grow. Many spread by seeds. That one little dandelion plant in your lawn can produce nearly 2,000 seeds during a single growing season!

The easiest way to managing weeds is to prevent them. 

  • Don’t disturb soil unless necessary – dormant seeds brought to the surface and exposed to air and light will be ripe for germination.
  • Block their growth by covering open areas with landscape fabric (weed block) and topping it with soil or mulch. Water and air get through, but weeds can’t easily penetrate the barrier.
  • Crowd the weeds out by planting densely; keep ample space for air circulation but minimize exposed soil.
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch!  Cover the surface of soil with two to four inches of organic material such as fir bark or wood chips. 
  • Deprive them of water. Water the plants you want, not the bare soil around them. Deprive weed seeds of moisture they need to germinate by using drip irrigation

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