They may be Cute but Watch Out!

It’s the time of the year that the landscape is awash with acorns, and if you’ve got oaks growing in your neighborhood, you might see lots of scampering squirrels. Those adorable furry critters with their trademark fluffy tail, are stuffing their cheeks with this valuable food source to stash for their winter.  While these incredibly intelligent animals can be hilarious to watch, it’s not funny if they’re getting into your house. Signs of tree squirrel infestation include noises from squirrels in attics, chimneys, walls, or vents; holes in siding; damaged bird feeders; chewed wires; attic insulation damage; and evidence of squirrel nests in the attic.

If they’re gorging on your bird food, and making a mess in the process, you might want to try some “squirrel proof” feeders.  (And remember that bird food on the ground is also an attractant to fellow rodent – the rat!)  During the height of the pandemic, this ambitious fellow found out just how smart squirrels are, and hilarious as it is, how tough it is to outsmart them!  Here’s more information from the Humane Society of the U.S. on What to do about Squirrels, from UC IPM on managing them if they turn out to be a real pest, and this recent webinar from UC ANR on managing squirrels

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