World Pollution Prevention Day

World Pollution Prevention Day is observed around the globe on December 2, a day created to instill awareness on environmental pollution and its negative impacts on our health and the planet.

International organizations such as the United Nations (U.N.), the World Health Organization (WHO), Greenpeace, and others have been urging countries all over the world to take precautionary measures to control pollution. But it’s not the sole responsibility of our governments; we can each, as individuals, do our part to reduce environmental pollution.


  • Planting trees to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, lock it into the soil and more
  • Compost at home, and turn green waste into garden gold.
  • Recycle, reuse, reduce to protect the environment while saving money, energy, and natural resources.

Here’s some additional things you can do in your home and yard to prevent pollution.  And check out this video about how you may unintentionally hurt fish by fertilizing your lawn!

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