It’s National Pollinator Week!

National Pollinator Week, this year June 19 – 25, is an annual event celebrated internationally in support of pollinator health. It’s a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what we can do to protect them. Pollinator Week was initiated and is managed by Pollinator Partnership, and fifteen years ago the U.S. Senate’s …

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What’s bugging your fruit trees?

Seeing leaves on your fruit trees rolled up like a sandwich wrap?  Could be leafrollers, a family of insects that attack the leaves of fruit trees like apples, pears, and peaches. They also target some ornamental trees like ash, poplar, and oak.  Leafroller larvae feed on tender, new leaves, giving them a ragged appearance; they …

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Look for the Garden Good Guys

Beneficial insects aka natural enemies or good bugs are predators that help control pests. Some common ones you’re likely to see in the spring garden include: Green lacewings – recognizable with their slender pale green body, delicate gossamer wings and immense golden eyes. The adult consumes only pollen and nectar; it’s the young form that …

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