Fall is for Planting Natives!

Fall is a great time to spruce up your yard with some new plants.  Consider adding plants that attract and support natural enemies that can help manage pest populations.  And try some natives! You can introduce more biodiversity that helps your yard be more resilient to pests and diseases, while conserving water.  Because they evolved

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It’s Rodent Awareness Week

You may not think about rats, mice, or gophers until they become a problem around your home. As these rodents can be major pests in and around homes, gardens, landscapes, restaurants, and other buildings, each year pest control experts “celebrate” Rodent Awareness Week. Rodent Awareness Week (October 16-22) is an annual campaign created by the

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Pollinator Protection News

Oregon’s U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley announced new legislation that would create a pollinator-friendly plant labeling program, modeled after the Organic Foods Production Act that created organic labeling. The program would require the Department of Agriculture to create a certification program for plant producers in order to certify that their plants are not treated with pesticides

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Can Rat Poison Hurt Kids and Pets?          

You bet!  Rat poisons or rodenticides are pesticides designed to kill rodents, like mice and rats.  They are formulated as baits that include tasty ingredients like peanut butter, molasses, and grains to attract animals. These ingredients can be also attractive to children and pets. Rodenticide baits are not only poisonous for rodents, but they can

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