Don’t Plant a Pest

Ever heard of “right place, right plant”? Following those four little words can help you grow healthy plants that thrive, decrease diseases and pests, and may cut down on the time you spend in watering, pruning, and doing other kinds of yard maintenance. 

Before heading to the nursery, check out Getting to Know Your Garden and Considerations when Choosing Plants.   If you want to learn about types of plants for specific situations, here are some Plants for Common Marin Settings, along with Easy California Native Plants

Learn what plants are considered invasive in Marin, and avoid them (yes, some nurseries still sell them!).  This information from the California Invasive Plant Council includes names of plants considered invasive in the San Francisco Bay Area AND provides recommendations for non-invasive alternatives.  Where possible, purchase plants that have been grown without the use of pesticides, especially any neonicotinoids.  Learn more about Buying Bee-Safe Plants.

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