Managing weeds safely

You’ve got weeds taking over your yard, and you’re about to pull out the weed killer spray to knock them down.  Before you do:

Stop. Before taking any action.

Think.  What do you know, and should you know about this product?  Before using any pesticide it’s a good idea to understand the product and any risks the use of it may pose.  Here’s information on glyphosate, the active ingredient in the most widely used weed killer. If you’re interested in a deeper dive, check out “Glyphosate Fact Sheet: Cancer and Other Health Concerns,” one of many documents provided by the U.S. Right To Know (USRTK), a nonprofit investigative research group focused on promoting transparency for public health. They work globally to expose corporate wrongdoing and government failures that threaten the integrity of our health, our environment, and our food system.

Protect.  Learn more about safer options for managing weeds:

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