Is it a mouse?

Mice can live just about anywhere, and they love our homes. Since they are mostly active at night, and the first thing you might see are signs of chewing, nesting, or droppings. Although they only live for a year or so, mice reproduce quickly. Prevention and early detection can keep damage from getting out of control.

Here’s some information to help manage house mice.  Trapping is the most effective means of eliminating mice.  Learn how to set a trap like a pro.  

1 thought on “Is it a mouse?”

  1. I highly recommend the “live traps” you can easily procure (on Amazon or elsewhere). They are small plastic containers setup to easily put in ‘bait’ (like peanut butter). I left them in the traffic area of these little critters at night and in the morning I marveled at these delicate sweet creatures – and promptly walked to a reservoir near my house and let them go! Let them be who they are just not in my house;-).

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