Parents and Pet Owners Beware!

If you’re a parent, a pet owner, or both, you likely love spending time in your outside spaces together.  You’ve likely removed any potential hazards indoors for kids, dogs, and cats, but how about outside? Are there possible dangers lurking, especially related to pesticides? Here are some things to consider:

Weed and feed products for grasses are usually applied across the entire surface of the lawn; those tiny particles contain fertilizer and weed killer that slowly break down releasing the chemicals. For a period of time after application, the pesticides used on lawns can inadvertently be ingested by your pets or kids. Whether it’s your dog wiggling on his back on the lawn, then licking his fur, or your baby daughter playing with toys on the grass, then sticking them in her mouth, unwittingly, both can swallow a tiny dose of pesticide.

Rodent bait is risky for a couple of reasons – it’s usually flavored with something like peanut butter to make it attractive to rats and mice.  And your child or dog!  Rodents that eat poison bait may take a week or more to die. During that time if your cat or dog kill one, they may inadvertently consume some of that poisonous bait.

Can slug or snail bait hurt your dog? Check out this video or these FAQs

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