Take a Good Look at your Indoor Plants

Weather so far this season has been really really cold, and of late, nice, and wet.  Not a great time to be outside wording in the yard.  It IS, however, a great time to do some much-needed primping of your indoor plants.  If you keep your plants clean and neat, they’re not only more attractive, but also likely to reduce insect and disease problems Now is a good time to do this.

  • Wash leaves with warm water to remove dust.
  • Remove all spent flowers, dying or yellowing leaves, and dead branches.
  • Trim off leaf tips using sharp scissors if they are dry or brown.
  • Roots of a foliage plant growing out of the drain hole? It’s time to repot.  Here’s details about the process

New to houseplants?  Learn more about choosing the right plants for your home, caring for them, and managing plant problems and add some air-purifying beauty to your home today. 

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