It’s National Raptor Month

October is National Raptor Month – a time to recognize these amazing birds of prey.  A raptor is a meat-eating bird with keen eyesight, eight sharp talons, and a hooked beak. They’ve been around for millions of years, with nearly 500 species across the globe.  Most are active during the day, while 178 are night …

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All-in-One Garden Products May do More Harm than Good

You’re shopping in the nursery for some fertilizer, and you spy an “all in one” product that claims to take care of feeding and protecting your flowers and shrubs for 6 weeks.  These multi-purpose products, often marketed as “All in One” or “3 in 1” contain a mixture of fertilizer, insecticide, and fungicide.  While it …

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Protect your pets!

It’s National Pet Day and time to think about our beloved animals as they roam around the garden. Are there possible hazards lurking? Pesticides that may harm them? Here are some things to consider: Weed and feed products for grasses are usually applied across the entire surface of the lawn. Those tiny particles contain fertilizer …

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