Protect your pets!

It’s National Pet Day and time to think about our beloved animals as they roam around the garden. Are there possible hazards lurking? Pesticides that may harm them? Here are some things to consider: Weed and feed products for grasses are usually applied across the entire surface of the lawn. Those tiny particles contain fertilizer …

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It’s National Spinach Day

It’s National Spinach Day and that crop of delicious greens you’ve been nurturing might disappear overnight.  The culprit?  Likely snails and slugs; they love to eat plants with tender foliage and fruit. Favorites include seedlings and plants with succulent foliage; they seriously damage many vegetable and flowering plants.  These mollusks (related to the octopus!) move …

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It’s National Groundwater Awareness Week

Hard to think sometimes, that the things we may do or use in our yards can end up harming nature, including our precious water supply.  It’s National Groundwater Awareness week, highlighting the importance of preserving and protecting groundwater resources for drinking, bathing, recreation, agriculture, medical uses, and much more.  While Marin doesn’t rely on groundwater …

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